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Greetings and God bless:

Children are our future!  An investment in a child’s future is priceless and a return on your investment is guaranteed. 

This program year, our chapter has been energized, motivated, and dedicated to our national and regional goals.  We will continue to Achieve excellence, Inspire greatness and Motivate youth to lead and serve: AIM.  At our annual Southeastern Region Mothers' Workday, we reflected, connected, and engaged in meaningful programming activities. 

In the hope of continuing to enrich our children academically, culturally, and socially, we began our 2011-2012 program year traveling to Canada.  Our first stop on this journey was in Detroit to trace the steps of our ancestors as they faced the perils of the Underground Railroad.  During our Jack and Jill Day we observed the memory of Carole Robertson with poetic excerpts read by each Jack and Jill.  During the Christmas Season, we entertained chapter members and guests at our annual Jack and Jill Christmas Program.  We culminated with an encore performance at the Port St. Lucie Nursing and Restorative Care Center. 

During the latter portion of our program year, we will continue to enrich our children and youth.  Our chapter will debut our first Pre-teen/ Teen Book Club and Math Competition.   

We look forward to continuing our AIM Initiatives and recruit other mothers who share our values and philosophies.

God bless, with peace and kindness,

Mrs. Melissa Hill